Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fun with Simple Stories

I have been away for 2 weeks and then didn't scrap the week I got home.  So I am 4 weeks behind..Thats ok.  I have had this Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection for a couple of months.  I fell in love with it as it so me and happy and colourful... but then I found it a bit daunting to use when I got to it.. Thats why Ive left it.. But with my holiday photos... I powered though my pockets and was wrapped with the end result.  I have once again mixed up my products with embellies that compliment the papers.
Below I have finally had a bit of a dabble using this gorgeous cut out that Honey sent me.  She sent me about 50 different cutouts using her new Silhouette Cameo.  I would kill for one.  I am just a bit concerned it may be a novelty at first then get put aside.  But Im thinking not... So I will hold onto this little dream to get one for just a little longer.

How gorgeous is this paper collection... I even tried to go simple for these pages.. Just look at the carefree card... You need nothing on it... as it is divine all by its lonesome.

Bit of Heidi Swapp and Mayer Road with Frecked Fawn on this little Close to My Heart Flip Flap.

Bit of hand doodling 

Seeeeee.... simple below 

I love this flair from Flutttery Designs

Below I had a little dabble with Becky Higgins new App.  I bought most of the collections. Why?? well I have to have a try ?? Did you?  I have heard a lot of girls did just to have a play.. Good thinking Becky Higgins!!!!

My favorite ever little camera stamp from Amy Tan

I love these little wooden alphas from Studio Calico.  I could eat them all up!!!!

An old Simple Stories pocket envelope I have had for ages.. nice to put a little quote in.

Studio Calio Arrow wood veneers.. cant get enough of these.. and a cute little tab and flair from Flutterby Designs.  They change any little pocket.

I am getting into it tonight to share some more work.. I hope you have all had a great weekend.. I worked all mine away.. looking forward to a day off tomorrow then back into it for the week. Then bon voyage ... off I go up North to see my baby girl who I miss something terrible.  A week with her!!!!
Til next time.. take care and be kind.
Moonie x

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My little pockets

After having 3 weeks off work and being on holidays I was busting to get myself back in my happy little space and do some pages.   I was up to date but now 4 weeks behind but I'm fine with that as I have my Project Life Retreat happening this weekend in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast. Im so excited and cant wait to meet a few girls who are driving the distance and flying interstate for it.  I cant wait to meet them.. Sian (who is an awesome PLer) and I are super excited to be finally meeting each other at the airport. Make sure you go and check out Sians delightful pages.
Friendships blossom so much online and when you finally get to meet each other... its a pretty special moment.  I have had this before with my lovely friend Tarrah McLean.. We have a lovely long lasting friendship now which is truly special.

Today Id like to share this page with you.  It has been posted on the Scrap365 website also.
Below I have documented the lovely wedding of Bradley and Anna Morcombe.  This was a very special wedding for the family after the trauma their family has been put through after 8 years of searching for the killer of Bradleys twin brother Daniel Morcombe.  He is finally behind bars.  So this special occasion was just beautiful for this family. Im so proud of these guys.  The weather was not kind to them on this day but how cute was their umbrella???

I decided to use the Teresa Collins Studio Gold cards.. the black and white ones.. this automatically dominated the colour scheme for my page. Sometimes its not how you want it.. but when you want something like my black and white for my black and white wedding photo.. you just have to work with the rest of it.  I have kept to the Black/white but added two pops of colour to liven it up.  Below I have used the gorgeous Heidi Swapp PL card from her Dreamy kit & Heidis letter thickers. I love this kit.. so my colours.

On this page I have added a little journal card which you can pull out to read.  Sometimes you run out of room for journalling so this is a good little fix.  I have done some fun stamping on the card.. and then used my handwriting on the card.  I don’t like my own hand writing but I know how important it is to do from time to time.

My good old Simple Stories… I have lots of Simple Stories in my stash. They would have to be my most favorite sticker sheets put out. I just keep using and using them.

Just remember… no matter how you are creating your photos.. you are documenting your life!! This is the most important part!
Tonight I will be finishing off printed all my photos for the retreat so I am up to date and can just scrap the weekend away. My photo editing skills re quite slow so I dont want to waste time over the weekend and do this.. I want to be able to just scrap scrap and scrap away :-)
Cant wait to share some of my weekend work next week with you all.
Take care and keep smiling.
Moonie x

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Flutterby Designz with Moonie

Hi dee hi everyone.. I am so excited to be able to share my first page for Flutterby Designz today.  It didnt take me long to put this little number together as the embellies that I had to use we so much fun and easy to use.

Below I have used a cute Becky Higgins card and a SUNSHINE sticker from Simple Stories. The word magic that you can see is from the Rhonna Farrah App.  Love it.


Below I have used another Smiles sticker from Simple Stories Say Cheese Collection, added a few sequins and gorgeous piece of yellow HELLO washi tape my lovely friend bought back from USA for me on her current holiday.  I have used the A Beautiful Mess app on this also.

I love these little filler cards.  They are Everyday Etc cards from Flutterby Designz.  They are great when you just want to fill a spot with colour or a nice quote.  And I love these wood veneer stars.

And one of my favorites of all.. these awesome WEEK wood veneers. These little babies come in a variety pack of 6 for $4.  I get over of running out of these letters in my thickers packets.. never any E's left.. Drives me batty.  So these are just the perfect embellie for any PL page. I love them.
Make sure you go here and check out the cute little flairs like this one below in my pocket.  I love them.

 I have got my little hands on the Teresa Collins Studio Gold collection and I love it.  Nice and mellow and every embellishment looks great with it.  Once again I have used Good Day Sunshine heart stickers from Simple Stories. These sticker sheets are my old time favorite.  I can't get enough of them.

I found this cute piece of paper of Amy Tan.  Love the little doodling frame on it.  I have added a 3x4 journal card on top and then my insta weather photo I printed out. These cute little photo cut out tabs from Flutterby Designz are perfect.  I could eat them up they are so yummy.  Easy to use.. Just add a staple and waalaa you are done.

I hope you all had a great weekend.. It was a fabulous weekend here on the coast. Perfect summer weekend.. We got out on the scooters and went to a couple of beaches for a swim.  Was so good.  I love my weekend off. I can fit so much in them. And yes... the good things in life are free.  Dont ever forget that!!

I can't wait to share my next page that I have put together..
Have a fantastic rest of the week.
Love always
Moonie x

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Exciting news

As most of you may have read on my FB page and my Snap it up Project Life page on FB I was just announced last night that I am now part of the Design Team @ Flutterby Designs.  Anita Ridgeway creates amazing flair buttons, wood veneers, tabs, photo cutouts, Digital Fussy cuts, everyday cards and lots more goodies.. Make sure you go over and check out them HERE if you want to do some shopping. They are full of colour and zest for life.  I got my goodies packet in the mail from Flutterby just two days ago and they are so scrumptious.  I couldn't wait to get creation with them.   I will post a photo of my work once she has over at Flutterby Designs so make sure you keep an eye on the blog and make sure you like Flutterby Designs in FB.

I feel so proud and honoured to be designing for Flutterbys and doing what I love along the way.. It makes my position totally rewarding in every way possible.

As for my photos that you may have read about that I lost while on my relaxing holiday... well I did lose them all.  11000 of them.  I did a Data Recovery which took a good 17 hours!!!  When I looked at all the images.. it had actually recovered... wait for it... 320,000 images!!!! I have NO IDEA IN THE WORLD how and why this happened... I had images I have never eve seen before.. I had images of Lorna Jane tops.. and I mean miles.. images of sneakers, just random images.  I can't go on except to tell you that I had 320,000 images I did not want.  I took the punt after spending 48 stressed to the max in our lovely caravan at the beach.. and DELETED THE WHOLE LOT and then EMPTIED MY TRASH!!!!
I knew I had most of them on my iMac @ home.  I was pretty upset I had lost my holiday photos which I loved but thought this is not a matter of life or death!!!!  When I got home and spent some time on my iMac I could see the holiday snaps slowly downloading through on Photo stream!!!!! I was so over the moon happy!!!! I was just about dancing on my table as I was seeing each one come through.  So thank God for Photo stream.  I know I have lost a few pics but all in all I am happy and I have created a new iPhoto library on my MacBook.  I have a lovely clean slate and Im now a happy camper.. But a huge innocent lesson learned.

I was under the understanding that if you were to delete photos from your ALBUMS... They would still be in your PHOTOS below EVENTS.  IF you delete from PHOTOS they will then be deleted permanently but in your TRASH to recover if you change your mind.

BUT here is the catch that is so important that I didn't know.

YOUR WHOLE iPhotos Library also exists in FINDER under PICTURES...
SOOOOOO.... if you are like me.. when I resize or edit a photo it always gets stored in PICTURES in FINDER.. be aware when you decide to be a good chook and clean out your computer.

So there is your warning.. I just want you to be aware so you don't get caught out like I did. It can be very disheartening to say the least.
Anyway on that note... I am off to go and play with my goodies.  Can't wait to make some goodness out of them.

Go and create and be happy
Moonie x

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family Getaway

As we do each September school holidays we pack up our caravan and hit the beach for ten days. We love it here.. it is a very quiet hidden locational in Northern NSW.  A nice size caravan park and the cars give way to the kids on scooters, bikes and trikes.. They rule the park here which is so great to see.  Everyone is very safe here.. The beach only really consists of the caravan residents.  Daily we get to spot the dolphins and whales strutting there stuff, the kookaburras are so tame here and we get to feed them out of our hands.  I love to just STOP the daily grind and take a breather and do nothing for ten days.  It is so nice. The daily grind for most opus is rushing from school to work, to get the groceries, pay the bills, get home and cook dinner bla bla bla.  Here is the opportunity to do nothing.. And the nice thing is... is that I don't feel at all guilty.

Ive been that content and relaxed that I decided to finally CLEAN OUT my computer.. Mainly my photos.  You can so rapidly accumulate so many photos you don't at all need.. and I never get that time at home to do this.  There is always something more important needing my attention.  So... 2 nights ago I did this.   I own a MacBook Pro.  I went into Finder and went to Pictures.  This is where my resized photos all go to.  So... mostly being duplicates I decided they were all safe to trash.  I also was under the understanding that whatever you trash, will still be in your PHOTOS in iPhoto.  If you delete an image from here.. THEN they go to the Trash Can??
What I didn't know was..... that at the bottom of PICTURES in Finder.... is your (or my) iPhoto Library.  Because I didn't know this.. I highlighted ALL MY PICTURES in Pictures and sent to TRASH.  I was ever so tidy and even cleaned out my TRASH... 

That night I went to edit an image I had taken that day. iPhoto asked me if I wanted to create a new album??? Mmmmm I started to stress... and.. suddenly become feeling a little SICK.  Yes that is right.. I had 10 photos left in my whole computer.  These are the ten I left in Pictures.
At this stage I could not work out what had happened.  I rung Apple the next day and after one hour they could not sort out anything for me.  Today I found a Free Data Recovery program.  It has been recovering my photos for 5 hours today.. it says 4 hrs remaining.  I will see at the end of the recovery if I will get them back or if they ask me to pay to get them back. But it looks promising as I can see all my photos being recovered while watching.  So fingers crossed.
The program is called Softtote Mac Data Recovery.

And get this.. This will make you laugh.. I was that good at spring cleaning I finally got the FORMAT my SD card from my Canon.  Yip!!!!! formatted miles of photos finally with all our holiday photos on.. OMG.... look what happens when I become a neat freak!!!!  Well I guess it is one big fat lesson learned.
We have just two days left on our holiday.  I am looking forward to seeing my besties again.  I miss all my girls all the time.  I will back to Daisys Friday night for a good night in with the girls and scrap my night away.
Thanks for dropping in.  I will keep you posted with my success with recovering my photos.  Fingers crossed.

Take care my friends.. Cant wait to check out all my favorite blogs.

Love and hugs
Moonie x

PS.. sorry no photos to share (not funny)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Documenting my Week 35

Last week we had a great week.  Ken and I got to hang out for a day together on the scooters.. Was divine..
I have used a mix of papers and cards again this week. I can't even name where some of them are from but I love to go through and find older cards which are quite good for the moment.
Below is my Week 35 digi element I have printed out.  I bought this from The Lilypad. I think?? I can't seem to find it but there are others in there that I have purchased previously.. I love them.

I like this card because it is me.. pausing !!!!!!

Below is the first card from the Heidi Swapp Project Life My Favorite Things Core Kit.  Now in most Spotlight stores in Australia and New Zealand.  Also 20% off this current catalogue.

I have had these tiffany blue liquid pearls for a couple of years.  I love this colour so I thought I would have a little play with them.  I really like the finished look.  And they are a lot more inexpensive than enamel dots.

Below right I have used the cute little Close To My Heart Flip Flap protectors.  They are so cute and great when you run out of space for your journalling.

And the other side of the Flip Flap

I have just got a third of Heidi Swapps Core kits.. Her new ones Dreamy and Favorite Things.. They are lovely.  I am looking forward to using a bit of pink and aqua and gold.. Lovely together.
Have a great week girls.. 
Will be back very soon
Moonie x