Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How do you Project Life

I was a 12x12 scrapbooker for 7 years and I have since taken up Project Life and currently onto my 3rd year of it.  I am in love with Project Life as I love to document not just photos that are special but daily life and routines for us to look back on and remember the simple things in life that happened.
I have committed to doing my PL weekly.  It is a full on commitment (especially the way I do my PL) and I am by no means a fast scrapper.  I am very slow and get easily distracted.  I am busy, I work, I have a family, a social life, crappy health At the Moment but hey...... we are women and aren't we all the same way.  We are all so so busy each and every day.  So.. its a good idea for you to take it onboard whichever way suites you and your time schedule.  I know girls that do it monthly and do it for just occasions.. Holidays, Wedding, baby albums.. however suits you.
I do struggle most weeks to keep up.  Especially now that I am doing my Project Life kits, I am much more behind.. But thats ok because I am not trying to keep up with anyone else except myself.  
I spend probably 5 nights a week out of 7 in my scrapping room from 8.30pm til Midnight.. My ding dong bell rings in my head at midnight.. time to go and get some much needed sleep to pull me through the next 1 hour day.  
I get annoyed at myself as I will procrastinate for the first hour or two checking out Facebook, finding a good channel on television to keep me entertained while scrapping for the night, tidying my mess from the night before, oops.. go and make that coffee to give me a feeling of begin relaxed and ready to go... sooo by 9.30-10pm I'm rearing to go.
I know we all have our own ways and routine.. or not... but I find that this way works for me.
The two other nights I am not in my scrapping room I am on the couch in the lounge editing and printing out photos for the next week or two ahead of me (I mean behind me) that I am going to achieve. 
One of my most favourite editing programmes I use every day is PicMonkey.  This is a free editing programme through Facebook, but if you go onto their website you actually have to pay a yearly or monthly fee I think.  There are a few things that are not free in FB using it, but I get around that or use another tool which is free.

The other programme I use is Photoshop Elements Editor.  I must say I have always had a love hate relationship with PS but I have learnt to do only what I know for now.. I venture out now and then.. but basically I use PSE for putting the digital words on my photos and a little editing.  There is so much to learn in PSE and so much more I could do.. but that is sadly another lifetime away for me. Once again.. time poor is always my problem.
I have over the past couple of years purchased all of my digital words here at Designer Digitals.. Currently they are having a crazy 40% off Sale.

So once or twice a week I spend about 4 hours with my album in front of me on the couch and my empty page protectors and I scroll through my photos for the week I am working on.  I decide not he photos which are most important for me to scrap and put in my album.. and then I will go and edit them or add words to them if I feel the need.  Sometimes I will only just lighten the photos to make them look a bit brighter and clearer.

Once I have done this.. I am right to go for a week scrapping and doing my PL cards.  Now I know what photos I want to use and the page protector pieced out.. I am not up to the part that I chose my papers to match my photos.  I like to try and use a couple of layers of papers.. I love layers.. then lastly I add my embellishments to give my cards a pop of colour.

I like to use different page protectors.. Im not one to have the same. I love change.. and to mix it up.. Makes it look interesting.. I must say Becky Higgins Design A is my favourite.. but I do love tho use all the different inserts.  I love the 6x6.  This to me is like doing a mini 12x12.  Fun fun.. 
If you haven't tried these.. adventure out of your square and give them a go.  A change is always fun.. Like a challenge. I love to do a challenge as it gets me to use colours or  materials I don't always use.

I have two camera that I carry with me most of the time.. I always have my point and shoot Canon Powershot GX1

And my other love which I will be learning forever (time poor again) is my 
Canon EOS 600D SLR which I love.. it is a little bigger and heavier than my point and shoot.. but I love to learn on this.. just click and click away.. I love to do this when I am by myself. I dont care what I am shooting.. but I am aiming to get the look that I want and its fun out on my own in my own world doing just this.

I also have the Canon Lens Ultrasonic EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens to go with it. 
 I am constantly learning but this is what I love about my Project Life and photography.. I know my boys get annoyed at me for taking so many photos of them doing just every day stuff.. but I always say.. just ignore me and you wont suffer the consequences.. but if you chose to muck with me .. I will get angry lol

I love this shot of my gorgeous Mumma bear in NZ and all my nieces and nephews.. 

So that's it for me today.. If you are not already a member of my Facebook page Snap it up Project Life, go over and request to become a member. 
Love and hugs for this lovely Tuesday
Moonie xxx

Saturday, May 2, 2015

OMG it is May 2015

Wow.. I cannot believe it has nearly been a month since I blogged.  I wish life would jus slow down.  I like to be busy but it just seems to be every day life for most people around me.  Not much time to stop and smell the roses.  I have 4.5 days off right now as of today so I am going to nurture myself and I have got nothing planned.  To be honest.. I am not a lazy person.. but I would give anything to sleep in and get out of bed at lunchtime to a nice lunch and then just lay in bed or on my bed and just browse through Pinterest.  Just feel totally lazy.  Dreaming I know.. but sometimes you just need to stop in life.
I have been extremely busy doing my months Project Life kits.  I love it that all my customers are so excited when I post they have been mailed out.  They start stalking the postie.  Love it!! Im sure everyone loves happy mail.
Soooo..... as I finish up my kits and get them all in the mail at the end of each month I give myself about 5 days before I start the next months designs.  So last night I thoroughly enjoyed putting this one together.  I am hoping tonight I will get the right hand side done.  I love going through my stash and picking out random cute bits to add to my pages.

Below I have created a collage in Picmonkey.  I love this editing program.  I have used the little red embellishment which is pretty cool and you will find this in the Becky Higgins Embossing Value Kit. It comes with some very cool embellies and the cards are all great and fantastic colours.

Below is my title page for this week. I dont normally use a photo.. but I do love this photo and thought it was appropriate for this week.  The LOVE life chipboard word is from Mambi.  One of my closest friends bought it back from USA when she flew over for CHA in January.  The capture sticker is a transparent sticker from a Heidi Swapp sticker sheet.

As you all know or should by now.. I love my doilies.. Just adds that lovely softness to a photo.  I have the Amy Tan sticker sheet where the word certainly come from.  It is a transparent sticker so looks great on here.  The @ is from the Embossed Value kit.

Thats all for now guys.. My aim tonight is to finish the other side of this layout.  Fingers crossed I can post it here tomorrow night also.
Love and hugs
Moonie x

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 2 Project Life album

We ar eon the last public holiday for the Easter Break.  I am watching my boys out in the ocean surf At the Moment.  I still am not brave enough to get out until my shoulder and hip and leg are strong enough to handle the rough waves.  Otherwise I will end up looking like a drowned mid aged blonde screaming for saviour.  It has been a lovely chilled out weekend.  Corey and I are planning on making a chocolate bowl put together with an inflated balloon and melted chocolate. Followed by home made Rocky Road.  This will be my first attempt but surely we cant go wrong.. it we do at least Cadburys chocolate, marshmallow, cherry ripe, turkish delight and coconut won't taste too bad.  

Today I just wanted to share my week 2 with you.  Since January I have been making my own Project Life kits.  They are $30 plus postage to anywhere on the globe.  They include everything you can see below in the kit, minus the thickers as you can create your own title and mini alpha stickers.
They are certainly a big hit and I am sold out each month..So if you are interested in purchasing one, please make sure you PM me in Facebook or leave me a message here so I can get back to you.
I send them to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA at this stage.

I love mixing up papers and embellishments and making good use of my stamps.
On that note.. I am off to create my April kits.
See ya
Moonie x

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Amy Tangerine Tour

Today my good friend Julie Hughes and I dove down to Everton Park and got lost on the way to the Spotlight store.  We went to see the lovely Amy Tan and her new collection which has just been released.. I love it. Very funky and very quirky.

This is my selfie that we took to go into the draw for the competition.. too funny.. well it cant be too serious for a selfie right?

Moonie being a goose

Amy showing us her stuff.  Don't you just love the colours of the balloons.

It was a great morning.  Julie and I went out for lunch.. and got lost again... but we had the greatest day out.

I have just finished my March Snap it up Kits.. I design a Project Life kit each month and sell out each month.  I love doing them and I love to see what everyone does with them.    I just posted March kits out in the mail yesterday.  This week I start on my April kits.  Cant wait.!!!

Thats all for now.  I am blessed to have 5 days off work over the Easter break.  I cant wait to spend this time with my awesome boys.
I hope you all have the loveliest Easter break and manage to get at least a couple of days off work.
Til next time.. 
Have a great weekend and don't overdose on those eggs 
Moonie xxx

Monday, March 30, 2015

March?? OMG is has just gone!!!!

I canot believe how fast the months are passing us.  it is just about the end of march already and I just simply cannot believe it.  I have been pretty unwell for most of this month..  I am still struggling with my shoulder, and now I have been diagnosed with Bursitis on my hip which is a killer.  Im not sure if that is the bottom line problem of all my pain as I have it from my ankle all the way up my left and through my hip back and up to my neck.  Yesterday was my first day in March that I walked like a normal human being without a painful limp all day on my left hand side.  Im not sure why but I woke up with no pain in my ankle therefore I was able to put my body weight on it.  I have been on Voltaren for 3 days.  Maybe this has kicked in.  My GP put me on Tremol which I am not a fan of at all but thought just for a week or so I will.. They reacted to another daily medication that I take and I ended up with Restless legs.. which is just cronic.  My whole legs and back had muscle spasms for 3 days straight.. I got 3 hour sleep a night from 3.30am til 6.30am.  I have been a wreck.  My surgeon which is our family friend did some homework for me and come up with the answers.  I threw the Tremil in the bin and my legs have settled down and nearly back to normal.  I can see how people can get hooked on so many tablets and drugs.. take this one.. then this one for that problem.. then this one to fix the problem that those two tablets are doing to you etc.  Crazy Crazy stuff.

Saturday @ work which is Spotlight, I did a demo for the hours 10-3pm.  I did a number of demos but had so many lovely ladies in front of me wanting to learn and get inspired.  I love what I do.  I wish it was my full time job.
I was lucky enough to put together one of the Heidi Swapp Marquee lights.. I just picked a random one off the shelf.
I painted the inside walls with Gold Jo Sonya paint then cut out my T template using Gold Glitter Bella paper.  This was easy and worked perfectly.. I didnt have a hole punch the right size for the light holes.. but managed to use a smaller one and just adjusted accordingly.

I cant wait to do mine for my self.. I have bought... wait for it.. yep.. PL.. for project life.  I think I will need to get the I also and get a cute heart from Typo to put in the middle.  Im surprised there was not a heart in this range.
Also at the end of February I become a consultant for Close To My Heart.  I love their projects and especially love their storage containers.  They are all perfect for Project Life, Scrapping, stamping, or mixed media.  Any form of art these containers are the bomb !!!!!
If you ever want to order anything through me... its simple as.. This is my shop here so just  go in and have a look around..

I am loving the stamps for Project Life.. they are just so funky and a little different which we havent seen before.  On Wednesday I held my first CTMH card workshop.. What a blast.  I had it at home and there were 10 of us, many stamps and papers. Not to mention the cupcakes and cheesecake yummies..
I am just so blessed to have so many gorgeous girls on the Sunshine Coast that I can share my passion with.

Here is my awesome CTMH trolley that I have bought.. I love it.. It fits perfectly all my CTMH containers which contain my PL cards, then my thickers, and then all my die cuts and mats.  It is so awesome hand they all fit perfectly.  The sides have hidden useful pockets which you can store 12x12 paper, sticker sheets, embellies, tools... you name it.  $199.  

While I have not been well I have been sick of being on my bed and resting in the air conditioning as I am a hot bod... so I have set up this outside lounge for me by the pool out of the sun where I can catch the breeze.. Love my little space not to mention my $15 cushion from Target.

That's all for now guys.. Thank you for popping in and having a read.  Cant wait to share some of my work.  I advent for a while yet so I will be soon x
Love always
Moonie girl x

Thursday, March 5, 2015

LOVING GOLD right now

In between doing my monthly Project Life kits... I love to put together my own weekly spread using bits and pieces that I just pick up out of my stash.  I am in love with the gold effect on my pages and have done so for a long time now.  But they are bringing gold out in so many beautiful forms I just can't ever say no.  Below is the LHS of my Week 5 (which I have to add to my card).

A nice mixture of cards and embellishments here this week.
After a huge week at work... and a ten hour day today and a 9 hr one tomorrow I have to clock off.
Night night and have a fantastic weekend. 
Thanks for popping over to my blog.
Moonie x